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Heart throb city
dancing the night away
For some time now I've been thinking of going private. I used to see a client from the agency privately but it turned sour when he started expecting me to suck his cock without a condom. The thought still turns my stomach even now, but it was especially bad at the time because I had a boyfriend. I left instead of doing it and he rang the agency, telling them I'd been seeing him privately. By some miracle they didn't believe him.

I have a few concerns about going private. The first is how busy can you really be? Can you really be busy enough to only work privately? And will clients expect things I don't do just because they know I don't have the security of management behind me?

More thought is definately needed.
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I've had a very busy and very profitable weekend!

I worked both Friday and Saturday nights and both nights I saw only regular clients, which was unusual. It must have been something to do with the full moon.

Friday I saw Jack, an obnoxious American who is here until this time next year for work. Though he is often rude it is directly linked to his bright red cheeks and nose, the ever certain signs of alcoholism. We never have sex as he's always too intoxicated for that, though sometimes he insists I fellate his limp cock for any signs of life. Rarely are there signs of life and rarer than that does he cum.

Though he says rude and downright silly things, ('look at that bitch, she looks like a fricken calf clown', being one of the more memorable quotes) I don't mind seeing him. He always books for 4 hours to start with, during which time it is my job to feign listening to his often nonsensical drivel and make sure his whiskey glass is never empty. He drinks everything neat. Around the 3.5hr mark he is almost passed out in a stupor and hands over his credit card. Then it is time for him to sleep while I sit around finding ways to amuse myself as I extend, hour after hour.

When I have had enough (usually after another 4 hours) I wake him to sign the slips and then I leave. Not once has he complained about this and that he always asks for me leaves me with no guilt about it at all.

He is the only man I have ever met who actually says 'fricken'.

That was Friday night. Saturday was a bit different.

I saw 4 clients, all of whom were either drunk or high. I suppose that's the downside to it being a full moon.

The first client was Henri, a tall French man who has one of the biggest cocks I've seen in my life. He was drunk, which was unusual but he still had a raging hard-on and he still insisted on showing me pictures of his wife on his laptop. They are swingers back in France and all of the photos are sexually explicit. He always assures me that she loves this and they talk of his encounters as they have sex as it makes her 'an even 'ornier, dirty bitch'. This is how we spend the first hour. The second is spent alternating between me sucking his cock and him fucking me, very, very, very slowly. Almost in slow motion.

Eventually he blows and shows me more pictures. Then I shower and leave. I can't help but think the pictures are really from a porn site.

The next client is David, an intense man, balding and going to fat. He only ever books for one hour and always wants a schoolgirl fantasy. I'm not great at the roleplay. I feel rather silly dressed as a schoolgirl. It always goes like this: "Oooh Candy you've been a naughty girl", "I know, I've been busy sucking all the cocks at school", he spanks me very lightly so I can barely feel it, then I suck his cock (while he is clothed), he watches as I play with a vibrator, then we fuck and I leave. It used to be very hard for him to cum at first, but now he is fine.

The thing I dislike about him is the intensity. He always holds my face and pulls me so tightly to him as he fucks me, the stench of his breath inescapable, as is the sweat he leaves all over me. It's all I can do to feign enjoyment before rushing to the shower.

The next client was another hour. Peter is boring. He doesn't talk much. He is nothing to look at. He does not have an interesting job. He has a small cock. He blows quickly, often before we have sex. Once he has blown he strokes me, smiling as he watches porn on the tv. Always hardcore anal porn. We stay like that until it is time to leave.

The last client was a funny man, John. A lot of clients are called John (no doubt the influence of Hollywood) but he is my only regular with that name. He is a cokehead. He booked me for 4 hours. I stayed all of 2. He was coking hard. He couldn't sit still, couldn't keep it up and was talking faster than I thought humanely possible! He truly seemed to have ants in his pants, racking up every 20 minutes! Anyway, after an hour and 45 I locked myself in the bathroom. I just needed a break and had no idea how I was going to get through the rest of the time. I took some deep breaths and went back out, expecting him to demand I suck his horse-like cock (which is actually less than 6" and almost never hard anyway).

He talks at me for a bit and I get out a condom. He says something like 'Yeah I'd really love that! But time's up isn't it?' I stare him straight in the eye. "Yes" I say. He says that I'm so good I'd stay past time and that's one of the reason's he likes me so much and will I be working next weekend too and he's sorry he couldn't perform for me but he'll surely make it up to me next time and you're always so nice Candy.

As I'm leaving he gives me a nice tip.

I go home after that, have something to eat and read a little. Then I go to sleep. I spent Sunday catching up on housework and grocery shopping. I'm going to have all of this week off and pamper myself.
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My name is Candy. I'm 27. I'm a stripper and escort, and have been for the past 6 years.

I'm proud of what I do. It's paid for the wonderful lifestyle I have. My holidays, my car, my education, my clothes. Even simple things like buying a loaf of bread or a carton of milk come from my occupation.

I have a university degree in Women's Studies, completed before I entered the industry.

So just how did I get started?

Entirely unexpectedly. I was in a strip club with my boyfriend at the time and, to my utter surprise and delight, I very much enjoyed watching the girls dance. I was secretly thrilled everytime I saw a man slip tipping dollars into a garter, the way the girl would dance around him for a minute and then turn her back on him, flicking her hair as if to say "I'm done now."

It seemed so powerful.

After a while the manager came to chat to us. She was very entertaining and she must have seen the curiousity in my eyes. I was back the next day for an interview and gave a terrible audition! I hadn't really prepared anything but my enthusiasm must have spoke volumes to her because she hired me anyway.

A few years later the club changed owners. The new ones were draconian, business died and after not very long at all I found myself out of a job because I refused to 'party' with the guys. I rang the old manager who had become a friend. I was very upset and she's always been such a good listener. She said that she was now working for an escort agency, a high class one, and would I like to try it out. Shocked, I declined.

I tried working in a couple of other clubs but the guys and girls weren't the same. Pretty soon the bills started piling up and so I called her back, saying I'd changed my mind.

I was so nervous the first time, I actually threw up before I left home. But I managed to ignore my nerves long enough to knock on the door of my first job, an understanding agency regular. He had me for a few hours, most of which we spent talking. I thought the blow job I gave him was terrible and the sex even worse, but he was very happy and gave me a handsome tip.

After the night was through I'd made enough money to take care of all my bills with some left over. I was ecstatic.

I still dance in clubs when the urge takes me but mostly I stick to escorting now.

So this is my journal away from my 'real' one. I hope that I help change common myths and perceptions about strippers and sex workers.
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